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Light up your life! (Originally Published in New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine)

There are experts out there who are inspired by light. Not just the light coming from the sun, but the kind of light that makes your home a beautiful place to live in. Clint Gage is one of these people. He is the sales and marketing manager of Creative Lighting and says colour charges everything he does.

“Every time I go to a home it comes up – let’s get some colour in the garden – let’s get some fibre optics,” says Gage. “There’s a nice birch tree, let’s put some red on it. There’s a nice pool cabana, let’s put some blue on it. It’s come such a long way that now we’re not the moon ray guys. We have solid bronze – they cast it in sand and they’re bulletproof. The pricing is good.”

Gage’s work with Creative Lighting focuses on landscape and architecture. He is inspired by famous places in Toronto when he thinks of light and colour.

“Look at the CN Tower…what is wrong with a little colour? I was out in Burlington the other night and you’re seeing more and more buildings with purple and blue in them. I would like to see more of that into the residential. Different temperatures of white and colours do that. I would like to take it one step further, go with the blue, the red, the green.”

Some of the work he has done with condominiums includes the underground parking lots.

“It is obviously exterior,” says Gage. “[We] light trees. The landscape lighting is what I really love about it is creating effects and setting moods. There is a lot more technical into it. They use the same techniques. Every client is different. I love it when the client says here is the canvas and lets me go with it.”

Gage has lit up many yards and through trial and error knows what works and what does not.

“I have placed fixtures over the years,” says Gage. “A couple of years ago we did a nice project and I am really, really happy with, the clients that we have dealt with I don’t mind going the extra mile. I do not mind giving back. Our calibre of clients are more than excellent.”

Michael Gladstone, general manager of Royal Lighting, is also an expert. He says he is a little bit biased, but he finds lighting the most important thing in any home.

“Lighting will finish off a room,” says Gladstone. “Lighting will help you to have the proper light so you can function. Especially like in the bathroom, you need lighting to put your makeup on or shave properly to see properly. The bathroom, the cooking area in the kitchen and the laundry room. In the home office you need good light. Dining room you should have good light, but should have a dimmer light so when you want to change the mood you can do so without it being a big deal.”

Gladstone says the rules of interior lighting for homes and condos are the same.

“When you get into houses you need good exterior lighting so people do not trip and sue you. A well-lit house will not get robbed as often as a dimly lit house. People can see when they are walking up your porch where to light. It also adds a beauty there to that, despite the functionality. It adds to the whole décor of the house. A lamp here a lamp there.”

With condos, Gladstone mentions that 15, 20 years ago there were not as many as there are now. The explosion of the condo market has created specialized lighting.

“What is available now is like mini-fixtures. There are fixtures specifically made for these smaller condos.”


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