Move that air around (Originally Published in New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine)

In Home Decor, Writing (all kinds) on April 15, 2016 at 3:00 AM

Air quality in a home is important for feeling comfortable. If you cannot breathe – the multiple thousands, if not millions you have spent on your dream home or condominium will seem like a huge waste of money. No one would want that and many people would not wish that on their worst enemies.

The solution – fans.

Fans have been around for thousands of years. Not only have been useful through the ages for moving air around, they are also seen as a status symbol.

Michael Gladstone the general manager of Royal Lighting says that the usefulness of fans in your dream home or condominium is something you may not talk about or even think about – yet it does have meaning.

“One place where fans are great are rooms that do not have enough air circulation,” says Gladstone. “A lot of older people, 50 plus, are buying fans to help them sleep in the summer and the winter. The cooler air helps them calm down and sleep more. Even with air conditioners this works too – summer and winter.”

Royal Lighting has a huge selection and a wide variety of floor and ceiling fans that can make living in your home more comfortable. So does Wilcorp Ceiling Fans.

“We have different colours, different sizes for types of ceilings,” says John Maraj, the sales manager at Wilcorp. “There are fans that when you put them up they really, really work very efficient. You can get any colour you want to suit your décor.”

Maraj says people send him pictures and they make great mention about the look of the fan and how gorgeous it is. Wilcorp sends out questionnaires to former clients to see if they are enjoying their purchase. Maraj says that some people say they have had their fan for 30 years and it is still working like day one.

Maraj gives other reasons to Gladstone why people buy fans.

“Circulation of course, to bring the hot air down. In the summertime, when you have your air conditioning on the cool air falls and your feet are all frozen. The cool air from the fan lifts the air up so your feet are not frozen.”

At Wilcorp, there are different fans for different room sizes.

“You have fans that are noiseless. Fans that are wobble-free and the motors are lifetime. Most of the fans now that are manufacturing are star-rating, meaning very, very less hydro to operate the fan. You can leave the fan 24 hours a day and all you spend is a penny and you save dollars while they are working.”

At Wilcorps, the fans start from $69.00 and go up to the thousands. It all depends on the material and the size of the motor.

“All ceiling fans have bearings,” says Maraj. “But some bearings are better than others. All bearings have grease. Like lithium grease, is better. They need different capacitors that really make the fan so quiet. You cannot see the space in the router. The components create the magnetic field. The height of ceiling gives you different lengths of rods to go with the ceilings. [A cheaper] $69.00 fan would give you the little air movement.”

Wilcorps has been around since 1965. They used to manufacture the fans themselves.

“We service throughout Canada,” says Maraj. “Barbados – Sandy Lane Hotel and most of the fans in the Bahamas. Definitely homes as well. We do a lot of circulation of fans. We have thousands, and thousands of satisfied customers.”

Michael Gladstone at Royal Lighting would agree that he too has thousands of satisfied customers. Adding a floor or ceiling fan to your dream home or condominium not only improves the décor – it moves the air around too.

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