3-Day Novel Long List and a Surprise!‏

In Writing (all kinds) on April 13, 2016 at 7:57 PM

April 2016 Newsletter


After 72 grueling hours of writing, our intrepid group of 3-Day Novelists submitted almost 300 novels. Congratulations on this feat of will, stamina and imagination! Completing a novel in 3 days is no small feat, and every one of our novelists deserves resounding high fives all ’round!

Judging of 3-Day Novels is blind and our team of 8 judges read each and every book carefully (and often more than once); they laughed, cried, debated, and downright argued and it’s now time to announce our long list. So, without further ado, they are, in alphabetical order:

Pam Bustin for Run Fast Hold Still
Doug Diaczuk for Chalk
Brittany Fowler for Revenge Seekers Anonymous
Michelle Jackson for The Alexandria Shaw Chronicles
Gavin McKercher for Bordertown
Joe Skonie for At The Sky, Only Backwards
Rachel Slansky for Wurlitzer
Mary Thaler for Carbon Fourteen
Anderson Todd for Heavy Speed
Alan Westfield for Beach Meat

And, because you have been so patient with us during the lengthy judging process we’ve decided to spare you any more suspense.

We are thrilled to also announce the winners of the 38th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest!

Third prize goes to:

Anderson Todd for Heavy Speed

Second prize goes to:

Gavin McKercher for Bordertown

And the first prize winner of the 2015 3-Day Novel Contest is:

Doug Diaczuk for Chalk

A big hearty congratulations to our winners and long listers!

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