Getting an International Experience Online

There are ways of traveling the world, right from the convenience of your chair in front of your computer at home.

If you are interested in studying abroad without paying the plane fare (especially with rising oil prices), you may want to consider studying at a school abroad online. Australia is a country that has many of these types of programs.

Griffith University is one of them. You can study online to achieve higher degrees, however you may need to go to visit the school to do a residency requirement if you are doing a degree such as a PhD. The University of Western Sydney is another university where you can such an experience as studying abroad from home. Charles Sturt University is another option, however with this one you may not need to do a residency requirement in order to do a PhD.

The possibilities will become more and more endless in the future as more international universities begin to offer courses online so they can reach students from around the globe. If you are interested in such opportunities, take the time to do your research. You may even have opportunities on the campus where you are presently at to find out about studying abroad programs that you can actually do online. Some of the advantages are that you can still continue to lead your life in your hometown – not missing out on a family, a girlfriend or boyfriend, and your friends. As well, you can make sure your existing contacts will help you to get viable work and spend some of that money on higher education that will help to advance your career.

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