Value of Summer Vacation

Students and Professors can get a lot out of the summer vacation whether they choose to do school or take the time off to earn money or travel. Here are some of the ways the summer vacation is of value:

· For students that may have failed a course or not received the grade they desired in the fall and winter semesters, they have the chance to upgrade in the summer – this could be pivotal to reaching the coveted status of graduation
· For students that would like to fast-track their education and finish earlier, going to summer school can be the perfect way to speed up the process towards graduation too
· For professors looking to earn extra money – teaching in the summer is the perfect way to go about – perhaps they want to gain back some of the money they lost from paying high taxes
· For professors who have had a busy year of marking and preparing lesson plans, as well as teaching itself, the summer can prove to be an excellent rejuvenation time
· For students who take the summer off school, the summer can prove to be an excellent time to travel or earn money to pay for tuition for the following school year
· Especially for professors working in professional programs at colleges and universities, or an extremely research-orientated school – the summer can prove to be an excellent opportunity to catch up on projects and research interests, as well as writing work and other professional activities
· Students can use the summer to boost their resume and do school-related projects such as co-ops, internships and paid work to help them obtain a job after graduation
· For those students nearing graduation, the summer can prove an excellent time to plan for future endeavours such as going to graduate school, looking for ideal places to work or choosing travel destinations

Either way you look at it, there is a lot of value in a summer vacation.

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