Differences Between Undergrad and Graduate Degrees

In Education, Writing (all kinds) on March 21, 2016 at 3:00 AM

There are many advantages to obtaining higher education at the graduate level. Here is some information on what makes graduate degrees different from an undergraduate degree.

· Unlike undergraduate education, graduate classes tend to be smaller in a more seminar-style format
· Depending on the school you go to, you will probably be highly encouraged to attend conferences and write papers for academic journals to build your academic portfolio, especially if you are planning to do your PhD
· Again, depending on the school, graduate work at the master’s level, as well as most of the time at the PhD level is funded – this is quite different from undergraduate work
· There will likely be the opportunity for you to be a teaching assistant or teach a class on your own when you are in graduate school
· There will also be likely the opportunity to do research with one of the professors when you are in graduate school
· Many times you work on a thesis which would be about 100 pages at the master’s level and about 300 pages at the PhD level – this is intense research that takes some time and you will have an advisor to help guide you through it
· When you are doing master’s work, your completed thesis will most likely need a committee to review it and you would need to defend your thesis, unlike undergraduate work
· The same that was mentioned above, also happens at the PhD level, however in a much more intense situation
· When you reach the PhD level, your thesis has to contribute original ideas to the world of scholarship
· The work at the PhD level is much more intense than the work at the master’s level
· There is also the opportunity to do these kinds of graduate degrees online, however they are not yet fully accepted in academic circles if this is the kind of work you would like to do – teach

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