Electronic Receipts

One way you can save on money is doing away with paper in your record keeping. Making use of this idea is as easy as using the power of the Internet.

Keeping electronic receipts is a great way to save on printing costs, as well as it saves the environment.

One way you can do this is when you buy things online; you can create folders in your e-mail for these receipts. This way you can do away with printing them off.

Keeping electronic receipts is a cost-effective way to save on printing costs and can also still keep you organized during tax time.


2 Comments on “Electronic Receipts

  1. Even if someone hands you a printed receipt when you make a purchase, you can keep a record of it electronically by taking a picture of it with your phone (try my company – http://www.ProOnGo.com – for an easy way to do this). Then you can put your receipts in with your recycling pile without worrying that you’ll need them later on (like at tax time).

  2. ProOnGo Expense is now officially FREE. Also, ProOnGo just announced a new version that includes QuickBooks integration, faxing support, mileage tracking, and runs on most BlackBerries and Windows Mobile Phones.

    You can download the FULL FREE version directly from here: http://www.ProOnGo.com.

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