Top Mistakes People Make When Choosing Paint Colour: Dulux Paints

TORONTO, June 11, 2015 – Does the thought of choosing a paint colour turn you yellow with fear? You’re not alone, according to leading paint brand Dulux Paints. Feedback from employees at the brand’s 250 stores across the country indicates that paint colour selection is the biggest challenge consumers face when undertaking a paint project.

“When it comes to paint colour, many people are so afraid of change that they end up sticking with the same colours for years,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager, Dulux Paints. “Yet, all they often need is a bit of guidance to get out of their colour rut and adopt a more current look for their living spaces.”

According to Dulux Paints, here are the top five mistakes people make when choosing paint colour and how to avoid them:

1. Choosing a paint colour out of context. Contrary to popular belief, taping a small swatch to a wall won’t help you choose the right colour for your room. Instead, examine paint chips against furniture, rugs, accessories, countertops and other items in the room, making sure to test the colours in direct, indirect and artificial light at all times of day.

2. Playing it safe with neutrals. Neutral paint colours tend to be a popular choice, yet there are times when a more saturated colour may bring out the best in a room. A good way to introduce some colour to your walls is to apply the “new neutrals” – whites, beiges or greys that are infused with a small amount of colour such as lilac, sage or blue. Choose new-trend neutrals that coordinate well with your furniture or a favourite accessory. You can also take a neutral room up a notch by painting an accent wall a deeper shade of the wall colour or a more vibrant, coordinating colour.

3. Going with the same old, same old. Just like an old pair of jeans or out-of-date hairstyle, it’s easy to get comfortable in your room’s décor. Take a step back, really examine your space and ask: What year is this room stuck in? If the answer dates back at least a decade, it might be time for a change. Adding colour with paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update a space. You’ll be surprised how a fresh coat of paint will make your furniture and accessories look newer.

4. Fear of using more than one colour. There’s no reason to use only one paint colour on the walls of a room. In fact, using two or even three shades can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary. A good rule of thumb is to use a base colour in about two-thirds of the room and introduce other colours in smaller quantities. To achieve an elegant, relaxing feel, try a monochromatic colour scheme, with one main colour supported by others from the same colour family. For a harmonious effect, combine colours located beside each other on the colour wheel. To create a dynamic look, choose complementary colours found directly across from one another on the wheel.

5. Failing to consider a room’s function. Will you be playing, sleeping, eating or relaxing in the space to be painted? Make sure you choose your colour accordingly. Yellow, red and orange, as well as soft grey, violet, blue and green, are known to be more conducive to appetite-building, entertaining and conversation, making them good choices for the kitchen and any main-floor living space. Bright red will energize and stimulate kids in a playroom, while cooler blues have a calming, serene effect ideal for a bedroom. Golden yellows and warm apricots tend to flatter any skin tone in a bathroom.

Still not sure what colours to choose? Get inspiration from Dulux Paints’ palette of hot colours for 2015, including Ruby Ring (09YR 11/475) red, Red Badge (30YR 21/505) orange, Golden Harvest (20YY 28/613) yellow, Southern Forest (30GG 33/275) green, Blazer Blue (43BB 09/340) blue, Nostalgic (70RB 11/196) violet or Heron Grey (20YY 37/094) warm neutral.

You can also experiment with different colours using the Dulux Paints Colour Visualizer online at The tool enables users to virtually paint sample rooms or use their own uploaded photos to explore colour combinations before picking up a paintbrush. Visitors to the website can also upload photos of their favourite sites or vacation spots, and the software will help recreate the feeling of the image in a room by suggesting a paint palette based on the colours in the photo.

“A change of wall colour is the best and most economical decorating tool out there,” Tustin-Fuchs said. “If your room is stuck in the 1990s, you can bring it forward to 2015 just by swapping out pastel peach and moss green for a more modern palette such as turquoise blue with lime green accents. With paint, the possibilities are endless.”

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Photo captions

Dulux Photo 1
Adding colour with paint – such as Dulux Paints’ Ruby Ring (09YR 11/475) red – is one of the easiest ways to update a space and make furniture and accessories look newer.

Dulux Photo 2
A good way to introduce colour to your walls is to apply a neutral tone infused with a small amount of colour such as lilac or light blue, as pictured on the walls of this sitting area featuring Dulux Paints’ Margate Blue (30BB 46/086).

Dulux Photo 3
Consider a room’s function when choosing paint. Cool tones – such as Nostalgic (70RB 11/196) violet by Dulux Paints – have a calming effect, ideal for a bedroom.

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