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Safety in a Car to Minimize Crime

Today I was driving back from the grocery store and there was this car in front of me that looked suspicious. I could sense that it was tracking me. I even had to do something to avoid it from following me. But, I’m old and have worked in the criminal courts. I know what can happen if you’re not careful.

What happens to young people who are out there driving or on the road be it on a subway and they suspect danger – how can they – what can they can do to avoid it from happening before it happens? Yes, young people are important, but any kind of people – of all ages – right up to 150!

Anyone have any ideas out there of an invention that could be created to put in a car or on your person where you could call for help when a cell phone cannot be used? If you know of something – please tell me. If it hasn’t been invented yet – invent it! I would buy it.


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