Happy Birthday

It’s amazing how life is.

A brewer, using his psychic ability to tell the drinker what lies ahead…
Will he get lucky tonight, will she leave alone again, will they get that promotion?

A married man with three beautiful children, telling you through a torn ligament in his leg while trying to
Exercise it on a Bicycle that it was hurt long ago while he was a soccer star and he’s
Still trying to heal it…

Yes, perhaps I could also heal my broken heart and love again too – just like he could be a
Soccer star again too – on a middle-aged player’s team.

My birthday…children…telling me that my niece has gone crazy because she was dancing, and dancing well.

Yes, perhaps craziness is happiness – if you come back down on the ground from the joy.
Happy Birthday to Everyone I forgot to Say that to This Year – and I also mean the Upcoming Birthdays too.

2015 is going to be mine – gotta hurry up for my dinner date with family.

Thank you God. I am so grateful I could cry.


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