The Struggle of Writing

Writing really is a wonderful thing. I would recommend for anyone to do it if this is what they want to do. I also do some radio when I have the chance and I am looking to either borrow a digital recorder from one of the places where I work so I can work on a private project or save up enough money for one. I have a mini-disc, which used to be the industry standard – however, everything is going digital now a days and it is much easier to work with when you have a desktop and/or any kind of computer.

I was thinking about writing another book. I have published a number of them and the sales are far from fantastic. I do enjoy working on such projects, however when it comes a solely voluntary act, I start thinking about the relevance of doing it. I will still continue to work on these projects though. Recently I learned a lot about blogging and discussion forums from a terrific freelance job I had. Why not make use of these skills for my own purposes? was even kind enough to send me an e-mail letting me know I do not have to write alone this summer and encouraging myself, plus many other people, to join their discussion forum. I read about this one woman who is into teaching, as well as writing, and she sounds phenomenal. Truly, just a “super woman.” She lives in India and teaches young children and she has already contributed a number of stories to

Blogging can be a terrific way for anyone to hone their skills. If I can just get into the habit of this each day, plus join some discussion forums to discuss writing I think this would improve my skills greatly. Even though I teach there is not ever a moment when you can stop learning. I cannot really afford to go back to school and learn in the traditional way as I would love to do. I applaud people like my students who are busting their butts to pay for school. Sometimes I pray that I am contributing to making their experience worth the money. For me, the best I can do is learn as much as I can related to my existing interests and topics associated with my work. This will help me to hone skills that I can then pass on the information, knowledge, whatever…to my students and anyone else who wants to know about them.

I cannot always make everyone happy…however, despite the fact I am not the richest writer in the world (perhaps not the best either :-), the goal I do have is to try and to keep trying until I die at 104. Well, maybe 120 – health technology is really advancing.

Writing tip of the day: “Always read over your work – read it out loud. Do not make stupid mistakes that I have made. This includes e-mail and any type of written correspondence.”

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