From Riches to Rags

Kirk Verner is a Graduate of Seneca College\’s Journalism Program

By Kirk Verner

When I graduated, with honours, from Seneca College’s broadcast journalism program in April of 2009, the world was my oyster, but unfortunately, I was the one who got shucked. Just prior to graduating, I flew to Saskatchewan to attend a few film-industry workshops being held at Yorkton’s Golden Sheaf Awards. The Golden Sheaf Awards is a well-known film festival, with some notable attendees, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to garner some knowledge, exposure, and to have a little fun while doing so. The workshops were great.

Already being in Saskatchewan, I decided to test the waters of the film industry in the Queen City, Regina. The city is quite small, being a bit of a bane and a blessing at the same time. For one, you can literally get anywhere, by car, in 15 minutes. The bane, you must drive; the transit system in Regina would make most people who complain about the Toronto Transit Committee to bow down in religious gesticulation.

While in Regina for those couple of days, I managed to rustle-up a job interview with an independent film company; I do not want to name the company because I currently have them on my résumé as “work experience”. To make a long story short, the film company was interested in me, and two months later I was driving the endless highway from Toronto to Regina, eager to start a “career”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

I had to start somewhere, so why not my home province? My first “career” outside of college! I was ready for that first day of work. I had purchased a nice pair of dress shoes, a black pair of slacks with white pin-stripes, and a $125 button-up shirt that the cute sales lady told me I looked good in. So, there I was, sharp dressed and ready to impress.

The pay I was to receive, although minimal, actually equivalent to what I would make working at Tim Horton’s, was not my concern; I needed experience to show the world my skills. But, this was absolutely not the case. I became a secretary. Phone calls, emails, booking flights for people who didn’t even care to learn my name right off the bat; no offence to any lovely secretaries out there. The job was simply not something I could see me benefiting from, but I remembered that during my second interview, I was promised an opportunity to show the company a little of my creative side. Again, this was not the way the cards fell.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a dedicated worker, so I buckled down with hopes of advancement after my three month probation period. Again, to make a long story short, I got fired instead of advanced; perfect, my rent can pay itself. I was livid and a little confused to say the least. I felt used and misunderstood.
So, now I sit in my apartment with my bills piling up around me. I look out my large picture window each morning and watch my neighbours go to work; I wonder how their “careers” are going? I watch my nice new television, sit on my new, nifty chocolate coloured sofa, and sleep in my first ever brand new bed; things I only dreamt of while living in a tiny, furnished basement suite in Thornhill, Ontario throughout my college days. I don’t want to sound materialistic, but it was finely nice to have my own new things. Things I could only afford while working full-time in Regina, Saskatchewan; it is easy to save money in Regina due to its lame night life.

Now, I need to move again to seek employment. When I left Toronto, I did not want to believe all my peers when they said that I’d be back, but they were right. I’ve went from riches to rags in a matter of five months! Anyone want to buy some furniture? Anyone want to hire me?

January 8, 2010

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