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Trends in hair fashions are keeping tempo with music and other media. Looks change from the rock and roll and out of bed, straight with no frizz and shiny as a mirror like classical or jazz, or alternative radical styles with no half measures and no compromises.

The desired look with StudioFX

Many young people are adopting these trendy looks and in every way letting their hair hang loose.

“[I have a] curly look,” says Elle Spencer-Lewis, a part-time editor. “Usually I’ll put on some kind of glossy hold product when it’s wet, and then put on a spritzer when it’s dry, and blow dry it slowly.”

Spencer-Lewis is fairly familiar with this season’s hair trends. She’s glad she does not have to straighten her hair anymore.

Possibly a good product for Spencer-Lewis might be the “radical” brand of products of L’Oréal Paris’s new Special FX line, which is supposed to be great for pasting, shaping and setting.

“Extreme hold is guaranteed,” says manager of public relations for L’Oréal Paris, Caroline Badger. “Radical gel’s original ‘glue’ texture is enriched with fibres to create extreme effects almost hair by hair – with a hold that just won’t quit!”

Caroline Künzle, 27, and a part-time theatre usher, isn’t looking for a radical look with her wavy to straight, relatively short hair. She wants less structure.

“My hair maintenance is quite low,” says Künzle. “I’m growing it out, and decided to go for a longer look. It’s kind of in that awkward in-between stage. I’m kind of trying to go for that palm tree look. The look I want is the out of bed, and as unkempt as possible.”


Künzle likes the unwashed look.

The new Special FX line “out of bed” product, aimed at the under 30 age group, promises to tousle and unsettle.

“A bonus benefit, the formula is extremely pliable and allows one to change the direction of the style during the day – to create a unique ‘remix’ as the day goes on,” says Badger. “Whatever movement is fashioned, hair remains shiny and supple…and stays that way!”
Angela Li, a 29-year-old financial analyst with naturally straight hair, sometimes tries to make it even straighter.

“I wash, condition and blow dry my hair,” says Li. “I don’t do much to get it straight. Sometimes when I want it really straight and shiny, I’ll use a flat iron.”

L’Oréal Paris’s Special FX line “straight” promises to add sleekness and smoothness to anyone who desires a straight look.

“The perfect partner to blow-drying, ’straight’ can straighten to the max! Non-greasy and with no ‘weighing down,’ ’straight’s texture smoothes the hair and provides a sleek, smooth look – all day long,” says Badger.

The Special FX line of products will be available October 2001 in large retailers and pharmacies. The suggested retail price of each product is $7.99.

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