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Providing Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs

November 22, 2013

Ontario Expanding Summer Company Program under Youth Jobs Strategy

Ontario is helping more young people start their own companies and create jobs by expanding theSummer Company program.

The province is increasing the number of program spaces available to youth entrepreneurs to provide 850 young people with mentorship, training and grants of up to $3,000. This assistance will help Ontario students start and run their own summer businesses. The program opens for applications today and youth can apply online.

Summer Company is part of the Youth Jobs Strategy, which is creating 30,000 more job opportunities for young people across the province.

Helping young people of all abilities and backgrounds succeed in the workforce is part of the Ontario government’s economic plan to invest in people, build modern infrastructure and support a dynamic and innovative business climate.


  • Under the Youth Jobs Strategy, Ontario is raising the number of Summer Company spaces from 661 in 2013 to 850 in 2014.
  • Ontario is investing $295 million over two years in the Youth Jobs Strategy.
  • The Youth Jobs Strategy was announced in the 2013 Budget and developed with input from thePremier’s Council on Youth Opportunities and roundtable discussions in communities across Ontario.



“Ontario is committed to helping our young people put their skills, talents and tremendous energy to work for Ontario’s economy. Through Summer Company, students can start their own companies, create jobs and build tomorrow’s Ontario – at the same time that they are completing their education and enhancing their skills.”
— Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment
“Having the ability to run my own business has given me the knowledge and confidence that entrepreneurship is a possible career choice down the road.”
— Andrea McIntosh, Red Chickadee Henna


Gabe De Roche
Minister’s Office

Brigitte Marleau
Communications Branch

Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment



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