[TPS] – Toronto Police horses sweep the awards at North American Police Equestrian Competition‏

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Toronto Police Service
News Release

Toronto Police horses sweep the awards at North American Police Equestrian Competition

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 – 2:00 PM
Mounted and Police Dog Services

This past weekend members of the Toronto Police Service Mounted Unit participated in the North American Police Equestrian Championships in Richmond, Virginia.The Toronto Police Service is proud to announce that Constable Greg John and his mount Trooper became the first equine team to sweep the awards winning first place in every category, specifically Uniform, Equitation, Obstacle, Team Obstacle and The Best Overall Combined Score. Since the competition’s inception 30 years ago, no other rider and mount have enjoyed this success.

The Toronto Police Service is also proud to announce that the team entered by the Toronto Police Service won first place overall, securing their position as the best Mounted Unit Team in the North American Mounted Police Competition.

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, Constable John and Trooper participated in the Uniform Class. They were judged on the overall appearance, cleanliness, and deportment standards for both the officer and mounts. This team placed first in this class and were awarded the Robert Lewis Parnell Uniform Class Perpetual Trophy.

That same day, Constable John and Trooper won the Chesapeake Training Perpetual Equitation trophy awarded for the equitation class. In this class, officers and their mounts are judged on their equitation skills in a standard dressage test, skills which are key to success in mounted police duties. Officers must demonstrate how they use the proper riding aids and riding seat to achieve the most out of their mount. In addition to winning the class, Sergeant Kris McCarthy placed fourth, Constable Carol Windsor placed fifth and Constable Pat Penny tied for tenth in this class.

On Sunday, October 13, officers competed in an obstacle course designed to show the training and skill levels of both the officers and their mounts. This obstacle course provides sensory training to the competitors and is very important in mounted police duties. It helps to build a trust relationship between horse and rider and assist them to become more effective in urban patrol and crowd management. It is imperative that horses trust their rider in order to ensure their effectiveness in the situations that police mounts are often found.

The results of the obstacle course were:

– Constable John and Trooper won the class and the William McCarthy trophy
– Sergeant McCarthy and Grenadier won second
– Constable Windsor and Woulfe won third
– Constable Penney and Timmis won fourth

The rider and mount with the best overall combined score from the Equitation and Obstacle competitions is awarded the Brigadier Award. Brigadier was a Toronto Police Service horse that was tragically killed in the line of duty in February of 2006. The award was donated by Canadian Mounted Police Association to honour his years of service. Constable John and Trooper received this award, Sergeant McCarthy took second place, Constable Windsor took third place and Constable Penney took seventh place.

The competition results demonstrate the exemplary average performance of our horses and riders. The members of Mounted Unit work hard every day in developing themselves and their horses. This achievement of our officers provides us with explicit feedback as to just how well served the people of Toronto are by their mounted police.

Summary of Results:


Constable John/ Trooper 1st ( Awarded the Robert Lewis Parnell Uniform Class Trophy )


– Constable John/ Trooper 1st (Awarded the Chesapeake Training Center Equitation Trophy)
– Sergeant McCarthy/ Grenadier 4th
– Constable Windsor / Woulfe 5th
– Constable Penney / Timmis tied for 10th


– Constable John/ Trooper 1st ( Awarded the William McCarthy Trophy )
– Sergeant McCarthy/ Grenadier 2nd
– Constable Windsor / Woulfe 3rd
– Constable Penney / Timmis 4th


– Toronto Police Service 1st
Constable John/ Trooper
Constable Windsor / Woulfe
Constable Penney / Timmis


– Constable John/ Trooper 1st (Awarded the Brigadier Award)
– Sergeant McCarthy/ Grenadier 2nd
– Constable Windsor / Woulfe 4th
– Constable Windsor / Woulfe 7th

Constable Sarah Diamond, Corporate Communications, for Staff Inspector William Wardle, Mounted and Police Dog Unit

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