CRTC releases 2012 financial results for Canadian conventional television stations

OTTAWA-GATINEAU, June 13, 2013 —Today, the Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released statistical and financial
information on Canadian conventional television stations for the broadcast
year ended August 31, 2012. These annual reports allow interested parties,
including Canadians, to stay informed about the state of the Canadian
communications industry.Despite a decline in revenues, private conventional stations invested
17.6% more on Canadian programming, while spending slightly less on
foreign programming. This activity resulted in new television programs for
Canadians, including programming related to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games,
and thousands of jobs in the Canadian production sector. In 2012, these
stations employed 6,343 people and paid $537.2 million in salaries.

Canadian programming

Total expenditures on Canadian programming by private conventional
stations rose from $562.9 million in 2011 to $661.8 million in 2012, of
which $133 million was paid to independent producers to acquire

These investments supported the production of Canadian programming in all
regions of the country, including programs of national interest such as
dramas, comedies, documentaries and award shows. Specifically,
conventional stations invested $58.9 million for drama series, $82.3
million for general interest programming, $353.6 million for news
programs, $16.5 million for long-form documentaries, $32.3 million for
other information programs, $29.4 million for music and variety shows,
$68.5 million for sports programming, and $17.5 million for game shows.

The purchasing of foreign programming declined from $729 million in 2011
to $726 million in 2012.


Private conventional television stations saw their revenues drop by 5%
from $2.14 billion in 2011 to $2.04 billion in 2012. In the same period,
expenses went from $1.9 billion in 2011 to $1.92 in 2012, an increase of
just over 1%. As a result, profits before interest and taxes (PBIT)
declined from $151.6 million to $22.9 million, and the PBIT margin
decreased from 7.1% to 1.1%.

Revenues and expenses

In 2012, revenues from the sale of local advertising remained relatively
stable at $355 million. However, private broadcasters experienced a
decline in national advertising revenues from $1.47 billion in 2011 to
$1.35 billion in 2012. At the same time, investments in the acquisition
and production of programs increased from $1.36 billion in 2011 to $1.44
billion in 2012, which represented a 5.8% increase.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

The CRTC’s report also includes financial and statistical information on
the CBC’s French- and English-language conventional television stations.
In 2012, the national public broadcaster reported advertising revenues of
$372.7 million, which represented a 1% increase from the $369.6 million
generated the previous year.

In addition, the CBC’s programming expenditures totaled $786.1 million,
93% of which was spent on Canadian programs.

CRTC reports

Each year, the CRTC compiles financial data on Canadian broadcasting and
telecommunications industries to produce a series of reports. The CRTC has
published similar reports for Canadian cable and satellite companies
as well as specialty, pay and pay-per-view services and video-on-demand

The CRTC will soon publish the financial results for AM and FM radio,
followed by the release of its annual Communications Monitoring Report,
which provides an overview of the Canadian broadcasting and
telecommunications industries.

Conventional Television – Statistical and Financial Summaries 2008–2012


The CRTC is an administrative tribunal that regulates and supervises
broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.

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