CRTC finalizes wholesale rates for independent service providers‏

CRTC finalizes wholesale rates for independent service providers

 Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

(CRTC) established final rates for the wholesale high-speed access

services used by independent service providers to offer competitively

priced Internet and other services. As a result of certain adjustments,
some independent service providers will see significant reductions in the

wholesale rates they pay. “Large and small independent service providers now have the certainty they
need to continue offering Canadians a choice of innovative and competitive

services,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC. “We are pleased

to finally close this chapter after a careful examination of the wholesale

rates, which included a review of the costing information.”

All large telephone and cable companies that provide wholesale high-speed

access services to independent service providers must now use a single

billing model and offer the same rates for business and residential

end-users. This will result in a more straightforward billing process for

independent service providers. Previously, certain large companies charged

different rates under different billing models for wholesale and

residential business services.

The final wholesale rates are based on the large telephone and cable

companies’ costs, plus a reasonable markup. The rates enable large

companies to recover their costs and make further investments in their


Today’s decisions apply only to the wholesale high-speed access services

the large telephone and cable companies sell to independent service

providers. The CRTC does not approve the rates and packages for Internet

services offered to Canadian consumers at the retail level. The CRTC

expects, however, that the final wholesale rates will have a favourable

impact on prices charged in the competitive retail market.

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