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Dear friends and supporters,


I am pleased to attach the latest issue of our newsletter, CanUgan News. In this issue, you will find information about CanUgan’s activities and events, including our collaborative project involving four students from Carleton University, vocational training of persons with disabilities in Kasese, our 2012 Annual Review, and an early note about our upcoming brunch in April.  Above all, you will find three heart-warming stories that demonstrate how your support is making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in Uganda.  Since the founding of CanUgan Project in late 2010, we have been making progress with one small step at a time. However, compared to the huge demand, we have barely scratched the surface, and we face a multitude of challenges to meet the ever-increasing need for assistive devices.  To tackle these challenges, we count on your continued support.


As we approach the Holiday Season, please think of those in Uganda who are mobility-impaired, who are unable to see or hear, or who have other disabilities that hamper their lives and their livelihood. Please consider giving a gift to support these people. There is information in the newsletter about how you can donate online or by cheque.


We would appreciate your feedback on this newsletter as well as on the activities of CanUgan Project.


With best wishes for Happy Holidays!


Navin Parekh

Founder and Project Manager

CanUgan Disability Support Project



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