Sico Unveils 2013 Paint Colour Trends

Collective Passion
The 2013 Collective Passion theme reflects people’s increasingly spontaneous behaviours brought on by social networks and on-line forums. Characterized by a visual feast of movement, it includes the use of colour on colour as well as intense fluro shades, such as Sico’s Clementine (6506-34Δ*) orange, Lady’s Slipper (6033-52) pink and Fantasia (6026-31) violet, featured on the walls of this room.

Sico® Paint 2013 Colour Trends

Paint Palette for Year Ahead Influenced by our Connected Lifestyles


LONGUEUIL, QC (October 3, 2012) –There’s an upside to our busy, techno-connected lives. Our connections are influencing our colour choices in home décor and the result is a spectacular paint palette for the coming year.

That’s the message of leading paint brand Sico® in unveiling its paint colour trends for 2013. Influenced by people’s growing dependence on being linked in – from electronic gadgets and apps to social media networks – the palette is infused with vibrant, upbeat colours on one end of the spectrum, to calm and soothing hues on the other.


“The colours for the year ahead represent both people’s expressions of individuality developed through their intense use of technology, as well as their desire to log out from time to time,” explains Mylène Gévry, Brand Director for AkzoNobel, makers of Sico paint. “That’s why the palette includes bright and joyful colours that exude personality, combined with peaceful, subdued tones that provide a quiet retreat from high-speed connections and reflect our growing appreciation for all things natural and creative.”


Building on the 2012 trend of self expression and possibilities, the colours for 2013 take on a new maturity, reflecting the connections and demands of modern life and the choices we make to live on our terms, Gévry explained. “The busier we are, the more we appreciate interconnecting – through dialogue, networks and innovation – but we also need time to step back and reflect on how these technologies influence our reality and state of mind.”


According to research conducted by AkzoNobel’s international team of colour experts, there are three prevailing colour themes for 2013, each reflecting the consequences of our fast-paced, interconnected lifestyles: Collective Passion, Switching Off and Visual Solace.


Collective Passion: Thanks to social media networks, people today come together in different ways than in the past – drawn more by a collective passion than a formal movement, and anyone can join the group. This theme represents the spontaneous behaviours brought on by on-line forums, where ideas spread like wildfire. Characterized by a visual feast of movement, Collective Passion showcases the use of colour on colour, from subtle layering of closely connected pastels and corals – such as Sico paint’s Fresco Beige (6059-52) orange and Blackcurrant Tea (6036-21) pink – to intense fluro shades, like Effluvium(6007-73)royal blue and Emerald Necklace(6130-63)green. Just as the sky and ocean are never a single shade of blue, this striking blend of colour creates the same inspiring effect. Emitting a feel of energy, joy and creativity, they also combine well with chalk whites and warm greys for a more subdued look.


Switching Off: This theme reflects people’s occasional desire to hit the pause button, clear the mind and create space for new thoughts. It is an assortment of silent colours, from delicate, soft and airy hues to sultry deeps reminiscent of still waters, starry nights, dusk and dawn. Highlighted by Sico paint’s Singing’ the Blues (6019-73), Satie White (6172-11) andArctic Seal(6181-41), the Switching Off palette includes delicate, smoky tones of blue-tinted blacks, snow-capped whites and harmonizing greys and taupes. In a home décor setting, these colours can be transformed into sophisticated contrasts through an interplay of matt and high gloss, emitting a sense of stillness and creativity. The result is a restful and tranquil space in which to slow down, disconnect from daily challenges, reflect on life and daydream.


Switching Off
As people look for a quiet space to disconnect from technology and daily challenges, homes will increasingly include rooms that feature a Switching Off theme. An assortment of silent, harmonizing colours – such as Sico’s Singing’ the Blues (6019-73), Powdered Iron (6173-31) and Whispery White (6175-11•), pictured on the walls of this living space – this theme reflects our occasional desire to hit the pause button, clear the mind and create space for new thoughts.


Visual Solace: An upshot of our demanding lifestyles is that we’ve come to find comfort in art and nature like never before, and this shift is reflected in the Visual Solace palette. Inspired by gardens in bloom and paintings by the Old Masters, this theme is infused with floral pink,  mauve, dusky violet, bronze, and delicate neutrals, including Sico paint’s Restrained Brown(6084-41), A Simpler Time (6174-52)andRice Flour (6180-21). Mustard yellow and darker violet complete the palette, contributing to its feminine, soothing, joyful and serendipitous feel. Designed with the notion that art

and nature bring out the best in us as human beings, this colour grouping has the ability to restore the soul and warm the heart, with a natural beauty that takes on a new freshness when combined with crisp white and intense violet details.


Visual Solace
Inspired by gardens in bloom and paintings by the Old Masters, the Visual Solace theme has a feminine, soothing, joyful and serendipitous feel. Infused with floral pink, mauve, dusky violet, bronze, and delicate neutrals, it is designed with the notion that art and nature restore the soul, warm the heart and bring out the best in us as human beings. Shown in this room are Sico’s Discreet Brown (6084-41) pink on the walls and Rice Flour (6180-21) white on the doors and trim.


“The 2013 colour palette demonstrates that our society has come of age, finding comfort in both the connected and unconnected world,” notes Gévry. “As a result, we’ll see an increasing use of colour in more creative and comforting ways in the year ahead.”


For more information about Sico paint’s colour trends for 2013, or to view the new colour palette online, visit





About Sico®Paint

Sico® paint is one of Canada’s proud national brands.  Established in Quebec City in 1937, the Sico brand offers DIY consumers and professional contractors a complete line of high quality interior and exterior paints, a superior colour palette and services to get the job done right.  Sico paint is the market leader and can be found nationwide at Rona as well as other retailers.  Sico paint is a brand of AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paint and coatings company.


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