Discourse, Power and Resistance 13

Dear Colleagues


I am writing to all of you who presented papers or ran workshops at DPR12 last month. As I said at the start of the conference, we were well aware this year of the difficulties facing delegates who wanted to make it to the conference and we were impressed by the determination, perseverance, and sacrifice people had made to find ways of joining us. Thank you for contributing to what many people have been saying was one of the best DPR conferences so far. The numbers were lower than before, but the quality and intensity of the debate was brilliant. We hope you felt the efforts you made to join the conference were worthwhile.

Unlike this year, when preparations were delayed for reasons beyond our control, this year planning and preparations for DPR13 are already underway. We have placed a notice on the DPR home page announcing the date, venue, title and themes for next year’s conference. The announcement is also attached to this email. Please note, none of this is set in stone; we would be very pleased to hear from you if you have suggestions you would like us to consider. Please keep an eye on the DPR website which is currently being overhauled and will be relaunched very soon.

We have been eager to move ahead fast in the aftermath of DPR12 because we know how quickly decisions – and budgets in particular – are made at this time of year. We hope that this announcement will enable colleagues to include DPR13 in their plans for the coming academic year. If you are able to promote the conference in your faculties at this stage we will be most grateful. You might be willing to forward the attached, or to pass on the link to the home page, to colleagues and networks who you think may be interested. You might also, perhaps, be able to place DPR13 on the agendas of research groups who may be interested. We depend entirely on the goodwill of delegates to make DPR known so any help you can give will be most welcome.

We would like to remind you of the dates for submission if you are planning to send papers for consideration for Power and Education. They are given on p.10 of the conference handbook. They are also attached here, for convenience. You will very soon receive your password from Symposium, the publishers, which will enable you to access this year’s issue and previous issues of the journal, free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to see you in Greenwich in April next year.

With very best wishes



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