Power and Education

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Power and Education is an international peer-reviewed journal closely associated with DPR, promoting critical studies of contemporary educational practice and challenging the complicit practices and assumptions of mainstream educational research.

The journal is committed to providing a distinctive and comprehensive body of knowledge focusing on the relationships between the concepts of power and education in their broadest senses. Innovative and provocative work stimulating debate around the analysis, construction, deployment and discourses of power in educational practice, research and theory is particularly encouraged, as is work exploring forms of presentation and representation.  Contributions from other disciplines that engage with these issues of power and education are also welcome. Further information is to be found on the website at

Call for Papers
Advice for those wishing to submit an article for consideration is to be found on the web page at



Date of submission of papers – 30th July 2012

Date of return to authors after first review – 10th September 2012

Date of second submission – 15th October 2012

Date of return to authors after second review if necessary – 15th November 2012

Date of final submission – 29th November 2012

Date of final decision re papers and submission to Symposium – 20th December 2012

Date of publication and Issue details – Spring 2013 Power & Education 5(1)

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