5 Exercises That Could Change Your Body Forever‏

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5 Exercises That Could Change Your Body Forever
We all want to have a body that looks fantastic and is perfectly toned. We want to be able to stroll down the beach knowing our body looks great. Being in shape is very different from wearing a size 2 just because you are so slim. Getting in shape requires much more than burning calories. However, some very specific exercises can really tone your body like never before.

For instance, the next 5 exercises could seriously change your body forever. You could see a big change in the way your body is toned within two weeks.No one ever said looking great is going to be easy, buttoning your body can change it forever and with some strong determination and hard work, you can do it! Along with the five exercises mentioned below, changing your diet will help. Cut back a good bit on the sugars and processed foods, such as white bread and rice. Candy and soda drinks need to become a thing of the past, and instead, start eating more whole wheat and fiber-rich foods. Once you get your foods squared away, incorporate these five exercises and change that body forever!

Push Ups
One of the old time best exercises is still one of the best. Push-ups can tone the arms and body in more ways than you know. To do a push-up properly, lie face down on the floor and raise yourself up off the floor with your hands. Then lower yourself back down to the floor and rise back up again. Do this as many times as you can in one minute.

Sit Ups
Following the push-ups, sit-ups are great for changing your body tone. To do sit-ups, start off by lying on the ground with your knees bent up and the feet are on the floor flat. Hands should be behind the head and with your stomach muscles, raise your shoulders up off the ground and move them up towards the knees and then back down again. You want to do this at least one minute, as many as you can possible.

Start your squats from a standing position. With your back straight, squat down and back up again. Repeating this for two minutes at least is suggested.

Tricep Dips
To do tricep dips correctly you will need a chair or bench. Sitting on the chair, your hands will be next to the hips and then you lift them in a forward motion. Bend the elbows so that you are dipping the hips lower than the bench before you come back up again. Try this for about 45 seconds. You will get tired fast with this because the triceps tend to be the weaker of the muscles.

Leg Lifts
On all fours (resembling a dog) lift one leg until it becomes level with your body. Stay in that position for about five seconds and then repeat it with the other leg. Do this for about 45 seconds.

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