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Jennifer Winters Writes About Family – Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Winters

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Written by: Jennifer Winters

We all have them, rather we like to admit, some may not be as “odd” as others, or dangerous as some but time to fess up, we all have unique families.

Like any shoe of any size, there is going to be a lace that ties, tightens, pulls together to make that shoe together. One could only hope a family would be like that without being dysfunctional, overbearing, dramatic or even distant. I have yet to meet a “normal” family, I don’t think that actually exists. There are all different kinds of dysfunctional families; some are more serious than others, unfortunately. There simply is no such thing as a perfect family; it would be nice to in vision one. For those families that are slightly off are the ones that make great conversation starters. A family does not need to be broken to be dysfunctional by any means. My parents are still married and both children are doing alright, yet try going to the airport with us, and we are all nuts, getting there on time, parking, security, by the time we actually get on the plane we are so tired from the stressing beforehand. It would be nice for all families to get along and have picnics together, but if we were, all the same, it would be boring and there would be more drama of which family is more perfect. Does anybody really want the Step ford wives scenario?

Some of my favorite movies are seeing families on screen just all out of whack. The movies that really do put the fun back in dysfunctional. For instance, you can take American Beauty where you know something is up and the family is a little odd, knowing something isn’t quite right. Or on a lighter note, you can take “Home for the Holidays” or “Eulogy” who take a lighter look at how families can function but barely. The saying “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family” is on the money. My family drives me nuts sometimes, as I am sure I give them headaches, it is natural too but heads with your loved ones.

For those who have families and are still in contact with them should be grateful, cause there or those who have lost loved ones, or so isolated they forget what family is. I had grown up where families were together, and as I got older those families tore apart, I can be happy with my family and cherish the things I have, even if everyone has to blackberry messenger the whole family when they are all in the same house!


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