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Jennifer Winters Writes About the Movie Office Space – Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Winters

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Written by: Jennifer Winters

When I think of the words office space, I can’t help to think of the movie titled “Office Space” (1999).

Where people living in the 90’s working for a software company and not fulfilling their true desires out of life. We all have days where we are at work and nothing is going right. No matter how hard we are working, the universe is trying to tell us, “Today is not going to be the day.” We have all had our Unnerving bosses that demand ay too much of us, or they know it all employee who you would like to express a few words which are not “happy birthday.” There is this one specific scene of this movie that I hold very dear to my heart. While just getting fired from the software company the three gentlemen are driving and one of the guys took a “going away” present for them to enjoy. You just watch this movie to get the full appreciation, but they had stolen a printer and smashed it into little bits with a baseball bat in an open field. I had recently gotten the chance to do the same, at work not too long ago; we were closing down the store for good and had an old printer that could not be saved. For almost 6 months we were all saying, “we can’t wait for office space the printer.” Taking aggravation and frustration on work equipment seems to have some sort of release and coping mechanisms while not hurting anyone. Its moments like this that I do like, that those who take on jobs that are not necessarily their passion but having a steady income takes determination to be able to stick it out. Hopefully, soon there will be enough jobs that everyone can get the chance to do what have really wanted and not have to settle.

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