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Nick Goodwin Does a Review of a Website - Photo Courtesy of 1LoveTO.com
Nick Goodwin Does a Review of a Website – Photo Courtesy of 1LoveTO.com

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By Nick Goodwin

A couple of friends of mine have put together a great website. It is a blog website which showcases Toronto’s arts and entertainment, as well as culture and cause.

Toronto’s http://www.1loveto.com is a great place to kill some time. There is new interesting material uploaded daily. The members in charge showcase many Toronto artists who are putting in work and creating new magic through their mind-boggling creativity.

1 Love TO is more than just a blog. The movement has profound intentions. The website is designed to generate attention and inspire feedback to Toronto’s art and culture.

People make beautiful things so they can share them with others. They want attention and feedback. It is a priceless concept to be able to share your opinion and is definitive when feedback is encouraged.

1 Love TO is truth being told in relation to Toronto’s development as an artistic community. It is a universal playground where communication is fast-paced. The concept “1 Love” is to stress that people of any place, face, or race are to be welcomed and considered with total respect. Help 1 Love TO leads by example and encourages the growth of a beautiful thing.

Maybe you have an interesting story about something in Toronto that you feel deserves universal attention. Contact 1 Love TO with your idea (bottom left on the homepage). Anything’s possible.


2 Comments on “1 Love TO

  1. Cool! Thanx for sharing! I´m checking it out now and it looks very interesting. I like to learn smth about different places everyday. So today I´m learning about Toronto! 🙂

    • Hi Viktoryia,

      I am so happy for your great appreciation of Nick’s review. I will be sure to pass it on to Nick Goodwin right away.


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