Discovering Appreciation Can Be Difficult in Our Busy Lifestyles - Photo Courtesy of
Discovering Appreciation Can Be Difficult in Our Busy Lifestyles – Photo Courtesy of

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By Nick Goodwin

Sometimes the hardest thing is being able to appreciate something when you know you have it the best. People can be insatiable and often the truth is that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. If people could appreciate the “now” to a greater extent they could be more conservative, creative, and intelligent.

In today’s society, everything is always on the go. For one, the laws of time keep us eager to get something done, to make a difference. One of the greatest things is when two people share an appreciation for something. Not out of respect, but, when two people actually share an appreciation for something by natural cause. We are all similar in structure but very different in personal particular interest.

It is important that we as people strive to have a greater appreciation for the world that we inhabit and try to understand thy neighbour. Take the time out of your day to express yourself honestly, however, respectfully.

A person’s day is like a great party. An awkward arrival. Your day begins and people start to arrive but you’re barely awake to make more than a few grunts of small talk. Once the place fills up nobody has time to listen to what you have to say, even though you have the energy to spill your guts. The equivalent of a busy day at the office. As people take off and make their way home through 5 o’clock traffic you have time to listen to the radio and be part of a diluted conversation. The equivalent of a hazy conversation at the end of a wild night.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that when society is in full function we lose a connection with each other as individuals. We lose sympathy, empathy, and considerable ability. We are focused and we have a purpose.

Survival of the fittest.


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