Cover Art for Listening to Music By Donna Kakonge - Photo Courtesy of
Cover Art for Listening to Music By Donna Kakonge – Photo Courtesy of

Listening to Music

By Nick Goodwin

My best writing is done while listening to music. Music is my vice and my motivation. My parents are the reason why I love music so much. They used to take us on car trips when we were young. Every car ride with my dad we would listen to music on the radio or tapes. He would ask “Who’s this?” to quiz us and we would listen even more carefully to try and figure out who the artist is.


My mom isn’t the family expert on music but she’s pretty good. I’m sure my dad has helped her a lot with her musical index, as he is most definitely the one with the extensive knowledge of many different genres and artists.

When my mom was pregnant I think my parents spent a lot of time playing Bob Marley to make sure I was a relaxed and healthy child. I can remember being not much older than 7 and running and jumping off of a stool in the family room, rocking out to music while my parents would try and vacuum and clean up. We would pretend to air guitar and anything we did pretty much have a soundtrack. Wherever my Dad goes he has a radio. There is so much variety out there these days that we are all very blessed to live in this day and age. To be able to experience the amazing sounds of such legendary musicians is very incredible.

Music makes my world go around. I am open to every genre. I do not discriminate but I do prefer classic rock, folk music, and hip-hop.

To find out more about music, Donna Kakonge has a book called Listening to Music that can be bought at


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