Sit Down Tracy

Kirk Verner Gives Props to Sit Down Tracy – Photo Courtesy of Kirk Verner

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Kirk Verner
February 24th/2010

Calling all Canadian music gurus! Calling all couch potatoes who are feed-up with boring, mundane bands from Toronto! Calling those who “think” they know what is hip and fresh, but truly have no idea due to their pop-culture brainwashing…extra detergent! I’m talking about a band that, in my eyes…I should say ears, will be soon taking over the airwaves and the Junos in the very near future. I classify them as a well-measured blend of Tegan and Sara, Hank Williams (the cool one…the original), and the White Stripes; they call themselves SIT DOWN TRACY!

The self-proclaimed indie/country/rock band, SIT DOWN TRACY, hailing from chilly Winnipeg, Manitoba, has recently commenced a tour, their very first, promoting their freshly press debut album, “Roaring Noon”.

The album is bound to perk an eardrum or two. The simply mesmerizing voice of lead singer and guitarist, Janelle Mailhot, is what will initially draw you to this band. The solid, steadfast rhythm section clashing with frolicking fingers on wooden fretboards is what will keep you tuned in until the last note of the last song on “Roaring Noon” is struck; did I mention that they also have an accordion player!
SIT DOWN TRACY is still just another unsigned Canadian band, but with a little exposure and some recognition, they are bound for success. The adventure starts tonight in Thunder Bay and will continue on through Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and many more communities not knowing yet what is on the way!

SIT DOWN TRACY will be in Toronto, at Rancho Relaxo, on February 28th at 8pm and again on March 6th at the Poor Alex, again at 8pm. If you’re not from the Toronto area, go check out the band’s Myspace page for show listings in Southern Ontario and Quebec.

So, forget about wasting your money on the latest ring-tones and go support something Canadian already! I’ll see you all at the Toronto shows!


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