Ontario strongest wind power in Canada

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Rachel Muenz Writes About Wind Power - Photo Courtesy of

Rachel Muenz Writes About Wind Power – Photo Courtesy of

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By Rachel Muenz

Ontario continues to outpace other Canadian provinces and territories in the wind energy sector. The province has eight new wind power projects lined up, some of which are already under construction, according to the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Although Ontario doesn’t have the highest number of projects, they should still help the province keep its place as the number one generator of wind-powered electricity in Canada.

The projects are to be completed between now and 2012 and will add almost 1437MW of energy to the 1161.5MW currently generated by Ontario’s wind farms, the association’s website says.

Most recently, reported that Korean company Samsung wants to build a wind farm on the north side of Lake Erie.

The company and the Ontario government haven’t come to an agreement yet but the farm would have 200 turbines if built. In the article, the government said a deal with Samsung would be a huge boost to Ontario’s green manufacturing sector.

If true, that would put Ontario even further ahead of Quebec, which is second to Ontario in wind-generated power. Data from the Canadian Wind Energy Association shows Quebec generates just 531.8MW from its 10 wind farms.

And, Ontario also leads the country in number of wind farms with 24 while Alberta is second with 22, generating 523.9MW of electricity. Nova Scotia is third with 19 farms, but only produces 59.3MW.

But Quebec is the only province that beats Ontario in one area of wind power development.

Ontario’s eastern neighbour has the most wind power projects announced with 23 set to be finished between now and 2015. Quebec’s projects should add about 2890 MW to its existing wind power production when they’re completed.

Ontario’s goal now is to have 4600MW from wind power by 2020 while Quebec plans to have 4000 MW by 2015.

The only areas in Canada without wind farms are Nunavut and the Northwest Territories and so far, they do not have plans to build any in the future.

– with files from, the Toronto Star and the Canadian Wind Energy Association

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