Warm gadgets for a cold winter office

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Rachel Muenz Writes About Computer Gadgets - Photo Courtesy of

Rachel Muenz Writes About Computer Gadgets – Photo Courtesy of

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By Rachel Muenz

With winter on the way and a colder than normal fall already here, drafty offices can be a frozen Hell for any worker. But there are plenty of gadgets out there to help anyone stuck at a computer all day cope with the cold.

Here are just a few products that will keep you warm this winter:

ValueRays Mouse Hand Warmer three-piece set:

This set includes a blanket pouch, heated mouse and heated mouse pad. The fleece pouch keeps in the heat generated by the mouse and mouse pad, helping your hand stay toasty. The infrared heated mouse and mouse pad run on USB connections and the company claims they relieve arthritis pain and chills caused by bad circulation.

Cost: US$69.95 from

ValueRays USB Heated Keyboard Warm Wrist Pad:

For people who have sore wrists made worse by the cold, ValueRays says their ergonomic keyboard pad will also relieve arthritis and other kinds of joint pain. Like the mouse and mouse pad, it generates a steady temperature between 99 and 104 F and the case can be removed for cleaning.

Cost: US$19.95 from

Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer:

As expected, the Mug Warmer keeps your coffee or tea warm while you work away at your computer and starts heating only when you put a mug in it. But, some customers on complain that it only keeps drinks lukewarm while others love it. Overall, it has a four-star rating out of 18 reviews on Amazon.

Cost: $US9.45-12.68 on but is only shipped in the U.S.

HeatMax Heated Socks:

If your office has a nasty draft around your feet, HeatMax’s socks should help. HeatMax says the socks keep in heat from the company’s Foot Warm-Up inserts with an elastic band around the toe. The heat lasts for six hours and most people who bought the socks on Amazon seem to like them as they have a four-star rating out of five reviews.

Cost: US$9.95-12.99 on but are only shipped in the U.S.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater:

Lasko’s small, portable heater has an adjustable thermostat, three different modes and a safety feature that keeps it from overheating. In the summer, you can also use it as just a fan. But, though the manufacturer says it’s supposed to be quiet, a few Amazon shoppers said the fan was loud and the heater didn’t last long. Most shoppers were satisfied though, with the heater getting a four-star overall rating out of 188 reviews.

Cost: US$24.08 on but is only shipped in the U.S.

Note: Products not tested by Donna Magazine

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  1. Thanks for writing about our ValueRays USB Hand Warmers. I’ll put your link on our Press Page and create a back link to this page. Thank you! Anna

  2. Here’s the link to our News & Press Page. Scroll the page to see Donna Magazine. I put a back link to this page, too. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you, too! Anna

  3. Hi Anna,

    You’re most welcome. The hand warmers sound pretty neat and seem perfect for the office. Thanks as well for linking to my article!

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