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Painting home office walls grey – such as CIL’s Mystery Sound (70BG 19/071), painted on the walls of this room – delivers a feeling of serenity.

CIL home office

Choice of office colour can help increase productivity, says CIL Paints

 May 7, 2012 – If you’re one of the 19 percent of Canadians who work from home, you know the challenges of staying focused. All it takes, though, is the right choice of colours to help make your home office work for you, says leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints. 

“There are always distractions when working from home, yet studies show that while some colours divert from tasks at hand, others can significantly increase a person’s productivity, concentration, and motivation,” says Alison Goldman, Marketing Communications Manager for leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints. “As the least expensive decorating tool, paint can easily be used on walls, furniture, and accessories to create the right tone in a home office.”

 It’s important to keep in mind though, that since jobs differ, the right mood for one home office may not be right for another, Goldman cautions. She offers these tips on choosing the best colours for a workspace:


Studies show that some colours can increase a person’s productivity at work. Add energy to a home office by painting the walls shades of orange and yellow, such as CIL’s Cozy Light (50YY 79/208) orange and Glorious (25YY 57/441) yellow, featured on the walls of this workspace.

CIL home office 2

Get the colour facts: Before painting your home office walls, brush up on colour psychology. Keep in mind that blue can be calming and may lower the pulse rate while increasing productivity. Green creates a serene, soothing atmosphere, which can relieve stress. Red and orange promote excitement and enthusiasm, while purple is thought to promote artistic creativity and yellow is cheerful. Light browns and greys deliver a feeling of serenity, while darker browns provide a stoic, earthy atmosphere.

Colour match the job: Determine whether your line of work requires a relaxing or stimulating environment. Financial consultants or business executives, for example, may prefer colours that empower and energize, such as yellows, oranges, and bold greens. Psychologists or massage therapists, on the other hand, may opt for soothing pinks, purples, and blues, whereas lawyers or professors may work best a studious environment highlighted by deep brown or burgundy walls.

See the light: Keep the layout and lighting of your space in mind when selecting colours. Light shades like cream and tan tend to make smaller offices feel more spacious. Neutrals are also a good choice for offices that are open to the rest of the home to visually blend the spaces. If your room has large windows, you can use almost any colour, but if the office receives little natural light or is on the north side of the home, use shades of yellow, yellow-green or off-white to brighten up the area.


Green – such as CIL’s Limelight (90YY 58/424) and Foliage (30GY 50/195), pictured on the walls of this room – is the most popular home office colour.


CIL home office 3

When in doubt, think green: Still not sure which way to go? Green may be your safest choice, says Goldman, explaining that green is the most popular home office colour. Considered to be the most balancing hue on the colour spectrum and the easiest on the eye, green is restful yet rejuvenating. Whether soft sage, sea green or deep hunter shades, green stimulates the thought process while promoting feelings of harmony.

To help achieve the right feel for your home office, CIL’s online mood test at guides users through the process of choosing a fail-proof colour scheme. “It’s a risk-free way of getting the look you want for any room before picking up a paintbrush,” says Goldman.

Whatever colour you select, make sure the paint you use is both washable and durable, Goldman advises. Being a high-traffic area, a home office is prone to ink stains, coffee spills, and dry erase smudges, so a scrubbable long-lasting product, such as CIL’s Smart³ Interior Wash & Wear, is recommended, she says.

For more tips on painting a home office or any other room in the home, or to locate a CIL retailer near you, visit or call 1-800-DURABLE (387-2253).

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