CIL Paints Announces Launch of Ultra Eco-Friendly, Affordable Premium Paint

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Concord, Ontario – April 30, 2012 – Leading Canadian paint brand CIL is seeing green with the launch of a new ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compound), top-quality paint called CIL Premium that has hit store shelves.

 The paint itself has no VOCs, and is tinted using new low-VOC colourants, making the final product one of the most environmentally-friendly paint options on the market, says Alison Goldman, Marketing Communications Manager for CIL Paints. “Our low VOC offering is also unique in that it is highly affordable and is offered in a full line that includes finishes for just about every interior application, from trim and door to kitchen and bath, which isn’t available in other paint brands.” 

CIL Premium interior paint comes in eggshell, semi-gloss, satin and flat finishes, kitchen and bath formula, primer, sealer and ceiling paint. For outside applications, CIL Premium exterior paints are low in VOCs and feature ultra-violet protection against fading, peeling and cracking. All Premium paints can be tinted with any of CIL’s 1,224 colours.

“Volatile organic compounds were traditionally used in paints to improve performance, however, CIL’s innovative Premium formulation provides top-quality performance as well as high washability and durability without harming the environment,” Goldman says, explaining that, unlike products made with VOCs, the Premium paints have the added benefit of being virtually odour-free.

VOCs are atmospheric pollutants that, among other things, contribute to the formation of smog. They evaporate at room temperature and react in sunlight to help form ground-level ozone, an integral component of smog and a harmful pollutant (not to be confused with the protective ozone in the upper atmosphere, which shields the earth from the sun’s ultra-violet rays). Smog can cause respiratory complications, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea, tightness of chest, coughing, muscle weakness, and more serious ailments and diseases.

Available at Home Depot stores nationally, CIL’s Premium line of paints are the first no-VOC products available in a complete line-up at Home Depot stores in Canada. CIL Premium retails for $30 to $37 per gallon, depending on the finish, and is also available in five-gallon pails.

For more information or to locate a dealer, visit


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