Power of the Third Eye Geomancer and Feng Shui Expert

Paul Ng Addresses a Crowd with his Feng Shui and Geomancer Expertise
Paul Ng Addresses a Crowd with his Feng Shui and Geomancer Expertise

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Paul Ng is a geomancer and feng shui expert that helps to improve the lives of others, as well as a former corporate manager. He has worked with Ernst & Young that was the largest accounting firm in all of Canada at the time as a data processing manager. He has been vice-president manager of a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific called Marathon Realty. This was the largest company in Canada. He became a director at CIBC and then gradually owned his own company.

Ng was born on May 8, 1947, in Hong Kong. His sister died when he was in his teens from suicide. He predicted her death. He also predicted the death of his father. Being able to predict the death of others is a gift of sorts that he has had since very young. He would spend a lot of time at the seminary when he was young and read the tombstones by the gravesite nearby. From as early as possibly grade four up until university, Ng only had 20 to 30 percent of his hearing. This taught him to read other people’s body language well. He went through three surgeries in Kitchener, Waterloo to restore his hearing. He also had a phobia of heights. He would climb to the highest peaks to combat this fear. He truly believes that everything has a reason.

“I always had some kind of a bond with an unexplainable skill,” says Ng. “Since I was very, very young I was very capable of observing people, especially in terms of death. My sister died when I was in my early teens, if not more.

“I took the bite of one bun. I told my father I would be surprised if he would live beyond the weekend. He died that Sunday night. I’m really connected with that psychic power. I studied in a boarding school. And I made a habit of going to the seminary school after school. When I would go and see the tombstones. Why are we here? I have been searching for years what is the meaning of life. Religion is really an escape from reality. So I read up a lot about Chinese culture. I read a lot of books and kept getting quite confused.”

He came to Canada to study electrical engineering at the University of Ottawa in 1968. He transferred in his second year to the University of Waterloo in computer science. In 1972, he did a master’s of business administration degree at the University of Toronto. Now it costs tens of thousands of dollars to study such a degree. In Ng’s day, he spent $600 CDN.

He did his business degree part-time while working for Ernst & Young. In 1982 he became vice-president manager for a subsidiary for Canadian Pacific. The subsidiary is called Marathon Realty. This was the largest company in Canada. He was there for five years in the management department. After that, he became director of information technology at Wood Gundy. Gradually over several years, he had his own company. He became director of CIBC only for a short period in 1992. Then in 1993, he left the corporate life to be a geomancer and feng shui expert full-time.

What started Ng’s career in geomancy and feng shui was when he contracted bone cancer in 1974 (the first turning point in his life), plus his gifts displayed as a young child. He went to Hong Kong in 1976 and became a disciple of a guru.

“Then I was at the point of life and death. They removed a bone from my leg. They said the cancer was to the right bone. I was lucky. The surgery left me weak. Then I refused to do anything with chemo or radiation. When I became a disciple of a monk I learned Qi Gong. It completely transformed my body into a different person. That is why I do not show my age even at age 63. They taught me the basics to bring me into the door. The house of feng shui and master arts basics. He [guru] said that one day I would way surpass him. So I understand my passion.”

Ng began doing the feng shui in 1985. He was invited to a house-warming party and he told his friend the way to lay out the apartment. The way she laid out her apartment was very detrimental for marriage. It had already happened one week earlier that her husband had left her and he did not know that. He began doing what he does on a part-time basis from 1985 on. That became the second turning point in his life.

The third turning point in Ng’s life was in 1990. He ran for MP in the Scarborough-Rouge Region of Toronto in 1993 knowing he would not win. When he got back to work, he could not even sit at his desk for half a day. So he quit his job and then he began his business full-time.

In 1994, the World General Newspapers organized four master debates and in his work, they regarded him as one of the four top feng shui masters in Canada and that got his name out. In 2000, he was further renowned as the top master in Canada. January 2008 the media came and announced him as the top feng shui master in Canada. And that happened in November. Also in October 2009 he will be showcased across the country with OMNI-TV, as well as judging a Miss Asia contest at the end of August 2009.

He was invited by the United Nations to discuss feng shui to improve functionality and reduce crime in Jamaica.

“That was really something.”

Ng finds his current occupation far more interesting and the money is better too. However, he says he does not find the money important.

“People would have had a lousy life,” Ng says of how his skills help to improve the lives of others. “It really can change your life. I can say that decent people live today because of that. I find that life works for karma energy and cycles. If we need to do something fantastic in our lives, then we need to go through fantastic challenges. If we want to achieve nothing then there are no challenges. Then there was the bone cancer and every single thing had a meaning. Most people would be depressed and be miserable and give up. I treat them as an opportunity to bring me to bigger and better things.”

Ng has a wife who is a Chinese medicine doctor. He has two sons, one of the 30, the other 31. The older one is doing manual work and the younger one works at Nestle.


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