Donna Kakonge – Owner/Head Instructor – Offering Media Arts Classes

Donna Kakonge is Heading Media Arts Classes Online – Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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Quality instruction in media arts online teaching, affordable Donna Kakonge book purchases and to-your-home coaching and training, and publish your stories for free on this magazine.

This is an opportunity for me to deliver these services online, in-person and over the phone.

These are specialty classes focused on anyone interested in continuing education.

Since these are not accredited courses – I would like to make this crystal clear to all students. What I can do is offer a recommendation to participants/clients – in writing or verbal (potentially a certificate that I create, however it is nothing they could use to actually have certification, rather an acknowledgment of completing the course). As well the students can develop a publishing history by publishing to my magazine.

It is an independent business.

The class costs $510.00 CDN for 17-week sessions. The classes will be offered three times a year with a maximum group of three students for each class with an agreed upon schedule throughout a 24-hour time clock. Payment must be made at the beginning of class, as it would be with any school. Payment can be made through electronic bank transfer to the following email address: Or to PayPal at A maximum of three classes will be held each day over a seven-day time span.

For more information, please feel free to phone: (416) 530-9792.


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