Hard work and Excellence Make SPEAC International Language Institute

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Cutting edge technology, a friendly supportive environment, one of the best locations in the city of Toronto, expert staff, superior customer service and much more is what you can expect from SPEAC International Language Institute (SPEAC).

Located in the heart of the uptown core of Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton, this exciting school offers multiple classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learning (ELL). With classrooms equipped for high-powered technologically-driven education where you can leave your books at home, and receive an iPad instead at a low cost to do your schoolwork and anything else you desire. SPEAC also offers you the chance to take online courses with the latest in technology – so the beauty and brilliance of this school can fill your home and your head. Video games do not match the savvy brilliance of the tools at the hands of SPEAC.

The focus of SPEAC is to help you to learn English, or improve your English, while your focus is on how it can help you to keep your job, or get a job, or improve your life. The future of SPEAC is boundless with the energy, enthusiasm, and ideas to branch out to all areas of learning so education and technology combine for a beautiful marriage that will secure your success.

To discover this jewel of a school, both in-person and online please visit: http://www.speacinstitute.com/
See you soon!


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