J. Burrage Publications, LLC Announces a New Service for Aspiring Self-Publishing Authors

. Burrage Publications, LLC, a 21st Century publisher of powerful novels such as Caught Up and My Red Hijab, My White Baby Tee, and My Blue Skinny Jeans, has announced services for authors wishing to self-publish.
J. Burrage Publications, LLC Announces a New Service for Aspiring Self-Publishing Authors

Mesilla Park, NM, November 21, 2011 –(PR.com)– J. Burrage Publications, LLC understands how difficult it can be for authors to find the right publisher. For this reason, and because JBP doesn’t want to discourage authors who may receive notification that they will not be published by the publishing house, JBP has announced services for authors wishing to self-publish. JBP’s self-publishing services are available to any author who chooses to self-publish, regardless of genre.

JBP’s services include:
· Proofreading
· Editing (light substantive and substantive)
· E-book conversion
· Cover design
· Book interior design

Services do not include:
· Copyright Registration
· Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) Registration
· Marketing Services (Possibly coming soon.)
· Book Printing and Distribution

All interested authors can find more information about these services, including how to schedule consultations, at www.jbpublications.com. Consultations are free.

JBP is a new publishing house that began accepting new authors in 2011, and their goal of “taking over the industry, one book at a time” is very apparent. While the company might be new, they have published several critically-acclaimed novels, including a street thriller titled Caught Up, the emotionally-charged novella Padre, and My Red Hijab, My White Baby Tee, and My Blue Skinny Jeans. One factor that sets JBP apart from other publishers is their mission – to find unknown writers with powerful, compelling stories to tell and build their reputations.

The “3-B Dimension” experience is another innovative development by J. Burrage Publications. This is an entirely new reading experience, designed to hook readers and leave them wanting more—creating the most unique experience the readers have ever known. Lesser-known writers, undiscovered talents, and new authors will help build the 3-B Dimension through compelling stories, unlike anything readers have read previously, creating a synergistic platform for all authors published through JBP.

To find out more about J. Burrage Publications, LLC and their authors and books, visit them online at www.jbpublications.com. You can also follow JBP on Twitter and Facebook.

About J. Burrage Publications, LLC: Founded by author JB Burrage in 2007, J. Burrage Publications, LLC has seen significant growth and opened their doors to new, unknown authors with captivating tales to weave. JBP is a company on a mission to take advantage of e-publishing and internet technology to bring readers the best novels and the most unique reading experiences possible. Unlike most major publishers, JBP has embraced the e-publishing revolution and offers eBooks as well as printed books through an immense array of online retailers.


Contact Information
J. Burrage Publications, LLC
Jacob L. Burrage
(800) 940-5604

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