Flower Press is accepting manuscript submissions from inspired talented writers

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Flower Press is accepting manuscript submissions from inspired talented writers

April 2012

Flower Press is a Canadian based publishing company that motivates the book industry to bring your written work to the world. Its goal is to publish books of various themes from talented inspired writers.

Flower Press guarantees your book will have an ISBN and with a professional distribution, it will be available in known local and online bookstores such as Chapters and Amazon. Royalties are earned for each book is sold. The percentage of payment will differ from one book to another.

Please submit your manuscript and a book cover if you wish to provide one, otherwise, Flower Press will design your book cover. Include a query letter defining your book for publishing and details, such as title of a book, subject, synopsis and number of pages.

When your manuscript is accepted the next procedure is which package you would like to choose. Payments can be made by PayPal. Flower Press will send an invoice when you agree to a contract. Flower Press provides two price packages:

The Basic Package almost includes everything, except you need to send your own book cover. The Regular Package includes all as Flower Press team will gladly design your book cover. For more about prices, you may click here.

We would like to hear from you. Please contact us at info@flowerpress.ca

With Flower Press, your book will signify an exquisite artwork and an ultimate creativity.

Maryann Hayatian
Owner & Founder
Flower Press Publishing Company


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