Tales of an Energy Shifter, Shift the Energy – Change Your Life

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By Sharon Sinclair

Like most of us, we live between two worlds, the inner life and the outer. In my case the two blur in the work that I do in both worlds. My husband and I spent years in the entertainment business as stage designers for major rock and country groups such as Reba, ZZ Top, Don Henley, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd and others. We worked in entertainment throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s until about 2003. However, we always led a kind of double life as Larry is also a massage and bodywork therapist and I have been doing intuitive and psychic work since I was a small child. During much of this time, Larry was a VP at Walt Disney Imagineering, Lucas Films, and Universal Studios and I designed award-winning retail store designs for Pebble Beach Golf Course, Century City, Park City and many others.

Our spiritual life kept tugging at us, so in 1999 we moved to the Portland Oregon area and began a business called Energy Shifters. For the past 14 years we have been working with individual homes, real estate agents and developers who have “problem” energies in their homes. Yes, we even communicate with ghosts and spirits and help them to cross when necessary. The work is so fascinating and the more we do it the more we realize how important the service is and how few people do what we do. We have so many clients in desperate situations. Many people in this real estate market have real problems with what we call predecessor energy i.e., energy left by the previous owners of the home. So many people have been forced leave their homes due to divorce, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. These experiences and trauma leave a powerful imprint in a home. When a new buyer moves into the home, they can often fall prey to the effects of that energy. Some people’s homes actually make them sick. Many people understand that something is just wrong. They may call paranormal societies, but most of these groups may simply confirm the presence of entities, overlook other possible causes, and do nothing for the removal of ghosts, much less correct geological or other energetic anomalies. This is highly frustrating for the individuals and families.

We have helped many homes to heal, many people to heal themselves, mentally, spiritually and physically and businesses to prosper.

I describe myself as a Native American/Pagan/Buddhist. My family was my first and most important teachers. My Father was Cherokee, my Mother, and Grandmother of Celtic origins. Much of my subsequent studies have been rooted in Shamanic Buddhism. Many of the techniques I use were taught to me in the traditional (oral) way of being passed down by practice and observation through my Mother, Father, Grandmother and masters that I have sought and that came to me. I share these techniques and gifts with you in hopes of bringing you the clarity and the healing that you desire.

Please visit my website, www.energy-shifter.com and explore this other world around you and trust your instincts.


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