CRTC Decisions and Regulatory Policies‏

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CRTC Decisions and Regulatory Policies for the week of 6 to 10 February
The CRTC plans to issue the following decisions and/or regulatory policies
in the coming week. This list may not be complete and is subject to change
without notice.

Broadcasting decisions:
Applications by Lighthouse Broadcasting Limited to amend the
broadcasting licence for the English-language specialty FM radio station
CJLT-FM Medicine Hat
Decisions related to the applications listed below, considered by the
Commission during the 21 November 2011 public hearing:
• Glassbox Television Inc.
Application 2011-1020-5
• Canyon.TV, Incorporated
Application 2011-0995-0

Broadcasting regulatory policies:
Revised List of non-Canadian programming services authorized for
distribution – Annual compilation of amendments

Telecom decisions:

EastLink – Application with respect to Telecom Decision 2010-680 and the
charging for rejected local service requests
File number: 8633-E17-201108978

Decision regarding violations of the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules

Telecom regulatory policy:

Regulatory measure associated with single-line inside wire services
provided by incumbent local exchange carriers to customers with no
jack-ended demarcation device
File number: 8663-C12-201105578


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