Hiring a Mover, some quick tips‏

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Hiring a Mover, some quick tips

Moving can be a stressful experience no matter what the distance. With some careful planning and understanding of your consumer rights and responsibilities, you can avoid some of the common complaints.

Quick tips:

To ensure a good move, the most important step is to find a reputable mover. Ask friends
and neighbours who have moved recently if they were happy with the experience and service the business provided.

Be sure you know exactly what you want to be moved.

Notify the movers of obstacles such as stairs, escalators or difficult parking
situations that may increase the time to load or unload. To avoid being charged
more, later on, give the movers as much information as possible in advance.

Consider whether your move should be insured. You should understand what the mover’s insurance means and what is covered. Ask your mover about available cargo protection coverage or check your existing policy for loss or damage that might occur during your move.

If items are being moved out of the country, get the name and address of the moving agents who will be handling your move at the destination.

Your rights:

The final costs for the move cannot be more than 10 percent above the original estimate provided for in the consumer agreement.

If the consumer agreement dealing with the move is concluded in your home, you have the right to cancel the agreement within 10 days of receiving a copy of the agreement.
A mover cannot hold your goods in order to pressure you into renegotiating the price.


A moving estimate should include: the number of boxes, the estimated weight of the goods to be shipped (if charges will be based on weight and mileage) or the cost per hour or per box/item or the flat rate; terms of payment and the dates and times that moving services are to be provided. The estimate also should include the business name, street address, telephone number and the name of the salesperson/estimator.

Make sure that everything to be moved is shown to the movers before finalizing the estimate. Find out how much it will cost if you need to add any items on the day of the move.

For a local move, the estimate should provide the number of hours the move will take to complete.

Avoid movers who offer a cash deal and/or offer to avoid the Goods and Services Tax. These are signs of an unscrupulous mover and one who may not pay claims or deliver your goods without demanding more money than was agreed to.
Remember that the lowest price may not be the best choice – you get what you pay for.

Additional consumer protection advice is available at http://www.mgs.gov.on.ca

A message prepared by P.C. Gord Reid #1703, 14 Division


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