[TPS] – Distracted driving, “Last Call: Whatever You Have To Say Can Wait”‏

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Toronto Police Service
News Release

Distracted driving, “Last Call: Whatever You Have To Say Can Wait”

Thursday, January 5, 2012 – 11:51 AM
Traffic Services

The Toronto Police Service would like to highlight the dangerous activities associated with drivers who use cell phones, hand-held communications, and entertainment devices while driving.

The legislation that came into effect on October 26, 2009, created a specific offence for this driving behaviour, which is known to distract drivers from driving safely.

The law applies to hand-held wireless communications and hand-held electronic entertainment devices.

Drivers must use only wireless devices that can be used in a hands-free manner:

– a cell phone with an earpiece or headset using voice-dialing, or plugged into the vehicle’s sound system

– a global positioning system (GPS) device that is properly secured to the dashboard or another accessible place in the vehicle

– a portable audio player that has been plugged into the vehicle’s sound system,

9-1-1 calls for emergency assistance are not prohibited by the legislation.

This dangerous activity associated with drivers who talk, text, type, dial or email using handheld cellphones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices continues to occur on our streets.

The Toronto Police Service will continue to educate motorists about this dangerous driving practice and enforce the law.

Constable Wendy Drummond, Corporate Communications, for Constable Hugh Smith, Traffic Services


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