Nunu is the Restaurant to Go

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Last week, I went to a wonderful Ethiopian Restaurant at 1178 Queen St. W., between Dovercourt and Dufferin in Toronto.

After battling to find parking with the traffic on Queen being treacherous, I was fortunate to find a spot at Woolfitt’s and my friend paid for parking. As we entered Nunu, there are dark brown curtains that you must search to find the opening, however, the other side is charming and elegant. Extremely high ceilings with rounded, yet rectangular long creme textured chandeliers, the tables are all square, with some beige smooth sofas against the wall, however, my friend and I chose the round table close to the cash.

We started off with a coffee, that came in an antique silver pot about six inches high. We received one cup and my friend and I took turns sipping the almost black liquid. Beautiful coffee.

Our first meal was a large plate of a mixed vegetarian platter, coupled with the misto misto, an assortment of meats. Digging into the plate with the injera, we needed to order more injera, and since we were both famished, we cleaned the plate and ordered dessert. We got the ice cream with bananas since my friend is a Monkey in the Chinese Horoscope, and shared that as well.

The entire experience was wonderful as we discussed my friend’s new book, our doctoral studies and about online projects. Busy Queen St. was our view from a large square window, plus a lovely waitress with a waist as small as a cat.

If eating more of the food would make me look more like the waitress – I will be back again for sure.

For more information about Nunu, please contact 647-351-6868.


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