CRTC Decisions and Regulatory Policies for the week of 19 to 22 December 2011

Image result for Broadcasting

The CRTC plans to issue the following decisions and/or regulatory policies
in the coming week. This list may not be complete and is subject to change
without notice.

Broadcasting decisions:

Application by Access Communications Co-operative Limited to amend the
broadcasting licence for its terrestrial broadcasting distribution
undertaking (BDU) serving Regina in order to add a condition of licence
relating to relief for this BDU from the requirement to contribute to the
Local Programming Improvement Fund

Application by Beanfield Technologies Inc. for a broadcasting licence to
operate a terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertaking to serve
Toronto (East Bayfront and West Don Lands)

Telecom Decision:

CISC consensus report – Basic Listing Interchange File (BLIF) Guidelines
(Version 2.0)
File number: 8621-C12-01/08

Review of the regulatory measures associated with the provision of maps by
incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers – File number:

TELUS Communications Company – Application regarding Bell Canada’s high
definition serial digital interface local video channel service – File
number: 8661-T66-201111848


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