TTC Fair Hike

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Please note: “fair is correctly spelled fare in the case of the TTC.”

What a shame the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is hiking fairs, again. With the low, low price of $3.00, you can travel the city. You can go to the glorious Korean shops up at Yonge and Steeles, you can go to see a colourful array of humans in Scarborough, you can shop at The Eaton Centre, you can see the beautiful red brick solid homes of Etobicoke. All this for $3.00 CDN – what a deal!

Now, if you are really, really, really, and I mean really, really pissed off with the TTC hike – blade, bike, jog, motor, roll, scoot, skate or walk. A wonderful woman I will be speaking to on Sunday afternoon reminded me of what a blessing it is able to even walk. She works with students who cannot. Think of every time you have noticed the inconvenience that someone in a wheelchair goes through trying to get on the TTC or the groans of other passengers who are delayed for about exactly 70 seconds while someone puts their bike on the convenient front racks of those bossy buses.

If you can afford it, and you have become as fed up with the TTC as I did – leasing a car is an option. Renting a car is an option, as well as being a part of a car club. You can even rent bikes for Heaven’s sake. Toronto is a fantastic city and please enjoy your ride on it. That bus is helping you to get to where you need to be, to see people you either love or hate, or somewhere in between, as well as most importantly – taking you to your lucky gift of work so you can pay the darn fair.


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