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Sex and Spirit

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Mikaya Heart is a Minister of Holistic Healing and an author, writing books and articles on subjects as varied as lesbianism, orgasm, politics, and shamanism. My Sweet Wild Dance, which is the story of her personal journey from anger to joy, won a Golden Crown Literary Award. Her latest book is The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. She is a coach in the art of being fully alive, using shamanic methods to help her clients live in trust and access Universal energy, facilitating positive change in all areas of life. (

By Mikaya Heart

This is the first in a series of articles on how sex can help us to understand the nature of reality, first published on

I dislike that word spirituality, because it is so greatly misunderstood and unpleasantly loaded for many people. But there are things I need to say in this article that require its use, so – in the hope that I have not already lost a number of readers — let me start by defining it. Read the rest of this entry »

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