You and a Best Friend are Invited to:

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Making Pretend:
A Celebration of Best Friends, New Voices and the Paprika Festival
Making Pretend is something shared only between the best of friends, it is a game we play to help us grow and to help us cope with the best and worst of times. On November 27th, The Paprika Festival is bringing best friends together for a landmark occasion in a play reading of The End of Pretending to be read by over twenty female artists.

Some of the artists on stage during the night are:
Martha Ross & Leah Cherniak
Morgan Norwich & Bethany Jillard
Marjorie Chan & Leanna Brodie
Ruth Madoc-Jones & Sarah Dodd
Kanika Ambrose & Virgilia Griffith
Rosamund Small & Britta Johnson

The End of Pretending
More than ten years ago, during the trials of teenage-hood, together with Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman and Emily Sugerman wrote this unique play. Today it remains timeless for its honest depiction of young imaginations and the human ability to overcome the loss. At the Paprika Festival, it will resonate with the next generation of new voices.

Join us for some food, drink and a play reading unlike any we have devised before. This night will be an experience far beyond the low price of admission!

Sunday, November 27
Making Pretend: A Celebration of Best Friends, New Voices and the Paprika Festival
Hosted by this year’s Leading Supporter Charlotte Corbeil Coleman
Tarragon Theatre Mainspace
30 Bridgman Ave. Toronto
Reception begins at 7pm
Performance begins at 8pm
Tickets: $15 in advance or $20 at the door


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