Helping Women At Risk Of Abuse McGuinty Government Increases Support For Newcomers – April 29, 2011

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Ontario will help more women in abusive relationships or who are at risk of abuse through an expanded public education campaign, targeting supports to newcomers.

The Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign will raise awareness about woman abuse to new Canadians by providing culturally and linguistically sensitive training. The campaign helps people recognize the signs of violence against women, and know what actions to take in response.

Six Toronto organizations will receive support to better reach immigrant and refugee populations: Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, KCWA Family and Social Services, Rexdale Women’s Centre, COSTI Immigrant Services, Centre for Information and Community Services of Ontario, and the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.

Neighbours, Friends, and Families is part of Ontario’s Domestic Violence Action Plan, which focuses on prevention and better community supports for abused women and their children.


“The Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign is an important part of our government’s Domestic Violence Action Plan to prevent violence against women. All women have the right to feel and are safe in their homes, communities, and workplaces.”
– Laurel Broten, Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

“The Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign empowers people in our community to take action against domestic violence. We need to work together to stop woman abuse.”
– Shafiq Qaadri, MPP, Etobicoke North

“This campaign will help to break down language barriers so we can effectively reach our immigrant and refugee communities to prevent domestic violence.”
– Fatima Filippi, Executive Director, Rexdale Women’s Centre


The government is investing more than $668,000 to expand the Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign into immigrant and refugee communities across Ontario.
Neighbours, Friends, and Families is delivered in over 200 communities across the province.
Released in March 2011, Ontario’s Sexual Violence Action Plan builds on the 2004 Domestic Violence Action Plan. It puts in place supports for education, prevention, training and awareness programs, and was created based on input from survivors, service providers, and experts.


Learn more about Neighbours, Friends, and Families.
Read Ontario’s Domestic Violence Action Plan and Sexual Violence Action Plan.


Ryan Bird, Minister Broten’s Office, 416-212-7433
Michel Payen-Dumont, Communications Branch, 416-314-7010


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