Life Rattle Radio Update #35

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by Laurie Kallis

Life Rattle Radio Update #35

Hello Life Rattle listeners,

This Sunday, November 13, at 9 p.m., we present a new podcast with stories by two Life Rattle writers:

Vic Gaysheyongai and Donna Kakonge

“Buckeroo Bez and the Escape from the City of Lost Cause,” by Gaysheyongai, and “Superwomon,” by Kakonge, share more than a reference to the fantastic; they also share hopeful determination.

Both writers’ masterful use of subtle detail creates a dull, uncertain “here and nows” full of quiet desperation. In these bleak settings, we meet central characters who display incredible optimism and humour, and a degree of naive innocence, in their quest for a brighter future, with love and security and an ideal home.

Visit the Life Rattle website, this Sunday at 9, for stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

Life Rattle Radio

New stories posted every Sunday Night at 9:00

Laurie Kallis

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