Upcoming Events for Week of Sep 12

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Dear Friends,

Join us for our upcoming retreat on Sep 24, from 10 AM till 7 PM, as we embark upon an exciting journey through the ancient yoga texts, find time to explore our true nature through meditation and guided discussions. Meditative walks through the wilderness will refresh your energies and we will surprise you with delicious vegan treats all day. For details about this special day please check out

Events for the week of 12th
Mon 12th, Essential Meditation – Kirtan Kraving Kindled: Begin your week humming to meditative tunes, soothing mantras, and hymns of love. Kirtan Yoga is a simple yet powerful technique that uses the energy of ancient sound vibrations to tap into the supremely attractive source of all happiness. Details and RSVP at

Tue 13th, Yoga, Meditation and eat all you can – the complete package: Come experience a 60-minute yoga class designed to stretch, relax, and revitalize your muscles. We will be flowing through a variety of postures starting with Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation, while listening to the Rhythmic music of mridanga (traditional Indian drum), cymbals and tambourine in time with the pace of the postures. Details and RSVP at

Wed 14th, Vegan cooking classes: Everything you need to know about vegan cooking from choosing ingredients to advise on health and nutrition. Learn in an interactive and participative environment so you can prepare quick meals for weekend specials. Details and RSVP at

Fri 16th, Bhagavad Gita – Attachment, fear and anger: A book of the Hindus or a mystery of the east, several myths surround this ancient text. Great mystics, thinkers, and philosophers ranging from Gandhi to Emerson have derived great inspiration from it. For this course, we will be using ‘Bhagavad Gita As it is’ by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Details and RSVP at

For month’s calendar, please check:

Bhagavad Gita Series: “There are also great, heroic, powerful fighters like Dhrstaketu, Cekitana, Kasiraja, Purujit, Kuntibhoja, and Saibya.” Chapter 1 text 5


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