Don’t Let the Rain Put a Damper on Your Paint Job

Dulux Home Exterior: When painting large areas of a home’s exterior, use a spray gun instead of a brush or roller for a uniform, professional finish.

Dulux Home Exterior Photo

Dulux Paints launches breakthrough paint that resists showers
in as little as 30 minutes, offers tips for exterior painting

August 8, 2011 – With cooler temperatures setting in, late summer or early fall is an ideal time to paint the outside of your house. Yet, this time of year also tends to be a rainier season, so what’s a homeowner to do?

Thanks to a breakthrough technological innovation, there’s now a product on the market that allows homeowners to paint outdoors with peace of mind, regardless of a gloomy forecast. Newly-launched Dulux Diamond Exterior Satin is a premium acrylic paint that features early shower resistance – within as little as 30 minutes – providing homeowners with protection against losing a day’s paint job if it starts to rain.

“In Canada, the exterior painting season is short, often with variable forecasts, so there’s only a limited window when we can paint the outside of our homes,” said Brad Elkins, Senior Brand Manager for Dulux Paints, one of the world’s leading paint brands. As a result of the weather and with the average exterior paint job taking two to three days to complete, “people tend to delay their outdoor projects for better conditions, sometimes until the following year, or take several weeks to complete a job, leaving their home looking less than attractive in the interim.”

Dulux Diamond Exterior Satin takes the stress out of the exterior painting, Elkins explained, because its unique chemistry ensures that a little rain shower won’t be “catastrophic.” Traditional exterior paints have longer drying times and therefore aren’t able to withstand the rain to the same extent, sometimes requiring a complete re-do of a project.

“Dulux Paints’ new technology allows people to get out and paint a quality job without having to worry about losing time and money, even if the outlook calls for a chance of a shower later in the day– a forecast that might otherwise scare off painters,” he explained.

Since the launch of Dulux Diamond Exterior Satin this summer, sales have skyrocketed, Elkins said, adding that the product is already Dulux Paints’ number one-selling exterior paint across the country. “People who use this product absolutely love it,” he said.

Other benefits of the paint include its easy application and ability to be used in low temperatures, as well as its delivery of a hard, smooth surface that is highly resistant to dirt, flaking and blistering. Designed to stay cleaner for longer and adhere to even difficult surfaces, the paint also provides a flexible finish that won’t crack or peel even when exposed to extreme changes in weather conditions.

Available in 2,016 colours, with the ability to be matched to any shade, Dulux Diamond Exterior Satin retails for $52.99 per gallon and is available at Dulux Paints’ 230 stores across the country. For a location near you, please visit or call 1-800-268-0534.


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